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Step up your game and get the right shots to reveal the genuine beauty of Africa. Filming in Kenya allows you to take your video production to a whole new level. The backup key for the success of your project is our all-encompassing support.Fixer Kenya

Fixer Kenya is a team of dedicated professionals, at your service. We strive to provide foreign filmmakers with all the filming resources they need. Our location scout manager can take you to the heart of the wilderness or guide you through the urban mazes. With the help of our team, you can enjoy convenient rates on gear rental. Allow us to ease the hassle of film permit approvals or finding the right crew for hire.

Our services cover a variety of filming resources made accessible. Spend more time behind the camera and less with paperwork.

Kenya is one of the most popular destinations for filmmakers. However, that does not always mean shooting here is a piece of cake. Some formalities need to be properly handled to avoid delays. Let Fixer Kenya guide you through the jungle of procedures.

And for those chasing a lead on a story, our support can prove crucial. Thanks to our experience as a journalist fixer, you get access to reliable sources. Our nationwide collaborators ensure you don’t miss out on the latest news and have a great team by your side. From cameraman to location scout manager, there is a wide pool of experts available. You name it, we find it for you. Let’s talk more about filming in Kenya!

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Kenya

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Filming in Kenya can be an overwhelming experience. In a country full of such striking potential, having the right team and resources matters. Direct your efforts on capturing the more expressive shots. And let a professional film fixer in Kenya guide your steps through the maze of regulations.

From the savannah to the heart of the rainforest, our production assistance is hard to match. We have a dedicated crew at your service, always willing to go the extra mile. Whether you need top-notch gear or you are looking for a cameraman or sound operator, we know where to find them. Thanks to our wide network of collaborators, you are always covered, in any location.

Fixer Kenya is the secret to having access to a large pool of video production specialists. We are a one-stop-shop for filmmakers, providing top services, at the most convenient rates. You don’t have to rob a bank to get the support you deserve. As a reliable film fixer in Kenya, we strive to top your expectations, not dry your budget.

Hard work and passion are our vantage point here, at Fixer Kenya. That is why we understand how important they are for a foreign filmmaker. From day one of shooting, we are there for you, making sure nothing is missing on set. Filming in Kenya should be an unforgettable kind of experience, so we focus our efforts on it. Capture the raw beauty of this country on camera. And trust Fixer Kenya with the dull production details!


Filming In Kenya With Us

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Documentary, action, or even commercial videos find an appropriate set here. You will have no difficulty in finding the right location while filming in Kenya. Make the most of the wide array of landscapes and the large pool of professionals.

Fixer Kenya is a one-stop-shop for foreign filmmakers, providing top support. Long before the “action”, we can assist you with all aspects of production. From film permit to visa, gear rental and more, our production assistance is fully centered on you. We understand how precious time and energy are when working on a video production. To help you save resources and benefit from the most scenic sets, count on our location scout manager. Explore the most telegenic places, far from the beaten paths. From the untamed wilderness to striking urban decors, we are confident we can find what you need.

Stop sacrificing your time worrying about paperwork or finding the right filming gear. Fixer Kenya has a nationwide network of partners, ready to assist. Invest more in the quality of your video production, by getting the proper support. And if you worry about being on a tight budget, we understand. The good news is our services are always tailored accordingly. We put your needs first and create customized packages that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Stay on schedule and have everything set for filming. Rely on a professional fixer to handle the tedious details. Drop us a message today and let us give you a sample of what we at Fixer Kenya can do.

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